Summer 2012

Fragile and pure, the angel is the messenger of Jayko's collection summer 2012. Prepare you to go back in time. The last century's spirit find one's way around the nobility and working with materials and the color's choice. Imagine you opened a family's cupboard with its embroidered sheets, its China porcelain and its old linen in colors past. The chosen materials and the creations give a look so romantic and artless to the Jayko woman .

  • Dress EDO, Jacket AOMORI - JAYKO.JPG
  • Dress NAHA, Cardigan YAKU - JAYKO.JPG
  • Dress NAHA, Cardigan YAKU-JAYKO.JPG
  • Dress NEBEY and underskirt - JAYKO.JPG
  • Dress NOK - JAYKO.JPG
  • Dress NOK, Dress NEBEY - JAYKO.JPG
  • Jacket AUNGO, Tunic REPS, Underskirt NITYA-JAYKO.JPG
  • Jacket IVENS - JAYKO.JPG
  • Pants NIKAO, Tunic EOITA, Cardigan YUKI - JAYKO.JPG
  • Tunic EOITA, Cardigan YUKI-JAYKO.JPG
  • Tunic IWAKI on tunic OKI et underskirt NITYA-JAYKO.JPG